2019/10/01 - Added a new show on 2019/10/24 in Bamberg, Live Club

2019/09/05 - Added a video of WELCOME TO DYSTOPIA to the VIDEO section. 

2019/08/08 - We added a lyric video of STATE OF DISGRACE to the VIDEO section. 2019/08/05 - Check out our Instagram account at:

2019/08/02 - Wir sind mit dem Song DOWN unseres Albums WHERE THE ACTION IS... auf der aktuellen OX-CD. Also nix wie hin zum Kiosk eures Vertrauens und eine Ausgabe kaufen!

2019/04/28 - Added the video of NO ONE TO TRUST on Youtube - check out VIDEO section

2019/01/23 - Added a few new shows

2018/07/12 - Added a new show on 2018/11/10 in Coburg, Domino

2018/05/10 - We are back in the DIYFS-Studios to record our first full length album. There are 21 songs on the schedule!

2018/01/18 - Added a new show on 2018/02/25 in Schweinfurt, Stattbahnhof with Death By Stereo.

2017/11/11 - Added a new show on 2017/12/13 in Lichtenfels, Paunchy Cats as support of legendary Sham69!

2017/11/05 - Added some photos.

2017/11/03 - Check out our brandnew website!